I’ve just returned from a vacation which always reminds me that staying in hotels for several days usually causes a person to reevaluate their sleep. Are you sleeping better at home than in a hotel? You should be. If you aren’t, a hotel mattress can propel a search for more comfortable sleep when you aren’t on vacation. If you’re like me, and you probably aren’t…. the first thing you do when you enter the hotel room is check out the mattress. I want to be sure I’m willing to sleep in the room before I start to move in… I lift the duvet and various other linens and check out the mattress. Is it free of staining? Does it appear flat across the surface? Any signs of bed bugs? And finally, the lay down test; is it comfortable enough for me for the next few nights? Sometimes the mattress passes the test, sometimes it doesn’t. It’s tough being picky like me, but I’d just like to think I have high standards, the Princess and the Pea has nothing on me!

But what happens when you stay in a hotel and have the best sleep you’ve had in a long time? Hotels have really begun to view their beds as a marketing point. They advertise their mattresses in hopes of attracting guests to their hotels. Some even sell the products featured in the hotel. I’ve talked to many people who’ve purchased Hotel line mattresses due to a great night’s sleep while away from home. Sometimes these people are gravely disappointed by what they receive. They ask, “Why is the same mattress in the hotel so much more comfortable than the mattress in my home?” My first question is always, “Did you buy ALL OF THE BEDDING, or just the mattress?” The reason I ask is simple; there is more to the feel of a mattress than just the mattress itself.

Most hotels spend money on basic mattresses. They are typically more durable and less expensive than the luxurious foam-filled counterparts. These mattress sets tend to be the most costly aspects and hotels don’t want to replace them often. Therefore, the hotel buys lofty featherbeds and foam toppers. They buy high-thread count sheets and goose down pillows and duvets. These linen items are replaced inexpensively and create a luxurious feel without sacrificing the durability of the mattress set.

If you truly want to recreate the feel of a hotel bed at home, buy it all, down to the last decorative throw pillow. It is the only way to ensure you will achieve the feel. All of these items together aren’t cheap, and you may soon wonder whether the mattress set is worth it, if you must also buy all of the bedding associated with it. You can get similar bedding for your existing mattress, or you can stop in to Holder Mattress and we can start from the idea of comfort you have in your mind already and find the perfect mattress for you without requiring all of the extra fluffy bedding and costs.

If after all of your trouble in finding better sleep at home, your sleeping situation does not improve, I’d suggest room service and maid service and a tropical view from your window… surely that will help you to recreate your vacation oasis at home!

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