Mattress Toppers

We build connective pillow tops for mattresses called toppers.  These toppers are the same panels that we would stitch onto a mattress to create a pillow top surface, but instead of sewing them, we attach elastic straps to them so they may fit onto a mattress and be removed, much like a mattress pad.  These straps are either attached to the corners of the topper or run the length so they may slide onto only half of a mattress and stay in place.

Why buy a topper?  Sometimes, we like the feel of a pillow top, but the maintenance schedule isn’t practical for our lifestyle.  Adding a topper allows the maintenance schedule to be significantly more manageable.  Sometimes, we have an existing mattress that just isn’t soft enough.  Regardless of the style of mattress or age, adding a topper will add significant cushion to the feel of the mattress, making it more comfortable and, in some cases, extending its life.  Other times, we share a mattress with a partner but don’t share their preferences about comfort.  We often use toppers on one side of a king mattress, for example, but not the other.  She gets the plush feel of a pillow top, while he gets the firmer support without the extra cushion, and both are still sleeping in the same bed.

Toppers are available in all synthetic materials as well as natural materials.  Speak with a sales associate for more information.