The Holder employees are like family. All of them have a deep appreciation of excellence. They work diligently to create, design and produce for you the most uniquely comfortable mattresses possible.

Holder employees are specially trained to create the comfort you want in a mattress, so each mattress is built one-by-one. In our factory, all mattresses are carefully hand-made by a team of at least 2 skillfully trained employees.

Each employee receives cross-training in every aspect of making a Holder mattress. They start at an entry level position, and work their way up and around the business. This is how Holder Mattress Co., Inc. is sure to give you what you want in a mattress. Holder sales associates also work in the factory learning how to build, design and construct the mattresses. They bring with them the input and feedback they get from you — the customer. This is why you’ll always get an unbeatable night’s sleep on a custom Holder mattress.

Meet Our Team

Our Team - Holder Mattress

Tim McAshlan and Linda Holder McAshlan



Lauren Taylor

Lauren McAshlan Taylor

Owner and President

Our Team 7 - Holder Mattress

Jhonny Wilson

Plant Manager

Our Team 6 - Holder Mattress

Christine Manning

Controller and Wholesale Sales

Our Team 5 - Holder Mattress

Nicole Zaremski

Sales Manager and Buye

Jeff Leach

Jeff Leach

Carmel Store Assistant Manager

Angel Crull

Kokomo Store Sales Associate

Our Team 3 - Holder Mattress

Jeremy Hullinger

Mattress Technician

Our Team 2 - Holder Mattress

Ben Freygang

Mattress Technician and Delivery Professional

Justin Engel

Mattress Technician