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Best Comfort for Pregnancy

With all the changes that pregnancy brings, it also changes the way you sleep.  That’s why we designed a pillow that ergonomically supports your stomach and back with soft, hypoallergenic, down-alternative filling that stays plump over time.


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This ergonomic, U-shaped pillow is designed to offer support and relieve sleep discomfort during pregnancy or to be used as a body pillow. The versatile shape wraps around both sides of the body to offer support without extra pillows. Soft down-alternative fill is hypoallergenic and won’t shift or clump. Tencel™ removable cover with superior moisture-management properties aids in optimal sleeping temperatures.

  • Soft, hypoallergenic down alternative filling
  • Filling retains loft and will not shift or clump
  • Washable, Tencel™ removable cover
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