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At Holder Mattress, we understand the importance of a good night’s rest for you and your baby.  Research shows that utilizing the proper mattress in infancy through adolescence promotes healthy sleep habits for a lifetime.  Infants should sleep on a very firm surface as a preventative for suffocation as babies learn to roll over.  At twelve months and older, babies may move to a toddler bed style with more cushion for comfort.  We build both a standard crib mattress with a firm surface feel on both sides, as well as a dual crib mattress with a firm infant side and a plush toddler side.  This allows you to flip the mattress to meet your child’s needs as they age.

Crib mattresses are typically a standard 52” length, 27.5” width and 5” depth, however, they, like all of our products, can be made in to custom sizes and shapes to accommodate play yards, bassinets, antique cribs or any other child’s bed you may have.

It is also critical to note that we only build non-toxic products.  All of our mattresses are guaranteed to be free of toxic chemicals and flame retardants that are common in national brands.  Babies are highly sensitive to toxins and it is of utmost importance to limit their exposure to these materials.  You can sleep comfortably knowing your infant or toddler is sleeping on products that are naturally flame retardant and haven’t been treated with chemicals to achieve this federal requirement.
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