Thank you for your recent bedding purchase from Holder Mattress Factory. We handcraft our own bedding products using only the finest materials available. We know you will enjoy many restful nights on your new mattress set. Holder Mattress Factory warrants our bedding products to be free of defects in workmanship and/or materials for a specified amount of time depending upon the product purchased. Warranties apply only to the purchase of sets. Warranties are non-transferable and apply to the original purchaser only.

Servicing Information

In the unlikely event that the servicing of your mattress set is required, please call our customer service toll free number (1-866-708-4500). Holder Mattress Factory will repair your defective piece at their discretion. Nominal transportation and service call fees will apply. Other charges may be incurred by the consumer in the event of stains sustained on the mattress or boxspring. Holder Mattress Factory reserves the right to void a warranty in the case of staining, odor, or abuse. Body impressions one and a half-inch (1.5”) or less are considered normal wear and are therefore not covered under warranty as a defect. Charges will apply to any service performed on non-warranty issues. Should there be a warranted issue with your Holder Mattress product, we will repair your set. Mattresses, box springs, and/or sets will not be replaced for any reason. Once your set has been delivered, refunds will not be given for any reason.

Comfort Policy

Holder Mattress Factory offers a one (1) time sixty (60) day Comfort Policy which begins on the date of delivery. We ask that you sleep on your new set for a minimum of fourteen (14) nights. If you find your new set to be too firm or too soft, you may exchange your set or mattress for another. When switching to a higher priced set or mattress, the consumer will pay the difference in cost. No refunds will be given when switching to a lower priced set or mattress. All EXCHANGES will incur a ten percent (10%) restocking fee based on price paid at time of purchase and a transportation fee(s). Only the original product may be exchanged. Other charges may be incurred by the consumer in the event of stains sustained on the mattress or boxspring. Holder Mattress Factory reserves the right to void a Comfort Policy in the case of staining, odor, or abuse. Mattresses or boxsprings with certain stains, odors, or signs of abuse at the discretion of Holder Mattress Factory cannot for any reason be exchanged. Cancellation of order prior to delivery will incur a ten percent (10%) fee.  All products are custom built when ordered and therefore we do not accept returns or issue refunds for any reason.   

When purchasing an ultra soft top or pillow top set, please be advised that the nature of either set is to conform to the body. This conforming is normal and not considered a defect. Body impressions of one and a half inch (1.5”) or less are considered normal wear. An ultra soft or pillow top mattress will require more maintenance. Flipping and rotating should occur monthly for the life of the mattress. See Mattress Rotation for additional information.

When upgrading from a full set or queen set to a king set, we suggest you keep in mind the additional surface area. Most couples tend to sleep in the center of a queen size set, however, in a king size set, most couples tend to sleep on either side of the center. The center of a king set is the most supported portion of the mattress, yet typically the least utilized portion. We ask that you use the entire surface area of the mattress in order for it to wear evenly. If you do not use all of the surface area of the mattress, it can cause uneven wear patterns.  If utilizing the middle of the mattress isn’t practical, you can rotate a king size mattress 90 degrees on occasion to help evenly distribute body weight across the surface of the mattress as it wears. 

Proper Support

To maintain the life and comfort of your mattress set, adequate support is required.
Lacking the minimum required support will void the warranty. Recommended support includes:

  • Steel frame with center support and steel legs on all king and queen size mattress sets. OR
  • Minimum of three (3) steel center supports with center legs touching the floor on all king and queen wooden bed frames. OR
  • Minimum of six (6) wooden slats with three (3) center legs touching the floor on all king and queen wooden bed frames.
  • Talk with your sales associate if you have any concerns or questions regarding the proper support of your new mattress set.

Mattress Flipping and Rotation

To receive the longest life and comfort from your mattress, rotation is critical. Flipping and rotating consistently ensures that your mattress will wear evenly on all sides, head to foot and side to side. Traditional mattresses which include all soft tops and firm tops should be rotated and/or flipped one time per month for the first six (6) months of usage. After that, Holder Mattress Factory requires one time every three (3) months. All ultra-soft and pillow-top mattresses need to be flipped and/or rotated once per month. Please rotate your boxsprings from head to foot once per year on all types of sets.

Mattress Protection

Use a mattress protector to prevent the staining of your mattress as well as to provide general cleanliness. It is much easier to remove staining from a mattress protector than to try to remove it from your mattress. Most mattress pads are not designed for protection, they are designed for added comfort. Please ensure your mattress is properly protected. Staining will void a warranty and comfort policy.

Cleaning Your Mattress

Vacuum your mattress regularly. If you must remove a stain, try mild soap and water. Do not allow your mattress to become saturated with liquid. Chemicals used in dry cleaning and other household products or methods may be harmful to your mattress set.

Mattress Bending (Hinged Innersprings and King Sizes Only)

Bending or folding your mattress set is not suggested unless you are a trained professional. All king mattresses that Holder Mattress Factory manufactures are able to bend head to foot without causing damage to the mattress. Please call Holder Mattress before attempting to bend or fold your mattress.


Please keep your receipt and warranty information for future reference. Receipts are REQUIRED for all Warranty and/or Comfort Policy issues.

Sweet dreams from all of us at Holder Mattress Factory.

*We encourage delivery service, however you may pick up your set from one of our locations. King size sets must be picked up from our factory, other smaller sizes may be picked up at our retail locations. When picking up your set from the factory or a retail location, please bring appropriate materials and a person to help you load your set. Our sales staff may not necessarily be available to assist you. Also, though you may pick up your new set, we DO NOT take old sets for disposal at our retail locations due to health hazards.

For online orders. Accepting the terms and completing checkout equals acceptance of this warranty and comfort policy.