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Hand Stamped Marble Coaster


Product Description


This women-owned business in Tempe, Arizona, uses tumbled marble to create coasters with one-of-a-kind designs.  Each one is hand-selected, hand-stamped or hand-painted and sealed for durability with a matte finish. The small batch nature makes each coaster slightly unique and all designs are owner or artist created.  Available in several styles:

Pivot Couch (The One with the Friends Reference)

State of Indiana Water color

Labrador Face

German Shepherd

King Bulldog

Bernese Mountain Dog

Running Greyhound


Golden Retriever Dog

Golden Retriever Puppy

French Bulldog (Four Variations)

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Pivot Couch, Watercolor Indiana, Labrador, German Shepherd, King Bulldog, Bernese, Greyhound, Goldendoodle, Retriever Dog, Retriever Puppy, Frenchie 1, Frenchie 2, Frenchie 3, Frenchie 4

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