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Finding the right gift for a new dog family can be hard, but we have a solution.  This kit has all the basics.  Not only is it functional, but so much fun!
  • Includes 6 elements; Drawstring Bag, Treat Launcher, Squeaky Ball, Waste Bag Dispenser, 20 Waste Bags, Collapsable Bowl.
  • Fire Hydrant waste bag holder clips on easily to a leash, bag or backpack.
  • Most dogs are food motivated when it comes to training. Our treat launcher is a perfect training device. Now you can combine food with active play by rewarding your dog with their favorite ball, disc or cube shaped treats and launch them up to 10 feet away for your dog to catch or find.
  • Whether you are on a walk or traveling the foldable bowl is the perfect thing to have to satisfy your dog’s thirst. Each bowl comes with a clip so it can be hung off a leash or bag.
  • The draw string canvas bag is made of a heavy weight cotton canvas material perfect for carrying everything from treats to toys to medication etc.
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