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This women-owned company based in Hudson Valley, NY, hand pours natural 100% soy wax in reusable rocks glasses to create small-batch, one-of-a-kind candles.  A portion of proceeds from every candle made by this mother-daughter duo is donated to charity.  We have five designs available, each with a unique scent and story.

Labrador Retriever: Our fragrance interpretation of a Labrador Retriever is a balanced mix of bright pine, deep fir, and earthy cedar.

Labradoodle: Our fragrance interpretation of a labradoodle is a modern blend of bright citrus, earthy oakmoss, light lavender, and rich amber.

Golden Retriever: Our fragrance interpretation of a golden retriever is a delightful mix of earthy cedar, strong oak, and sweet vanilla.

Rescue: Our fragrance interpretation of a rescue dog is an outdoorsy mix of fresh cut green grass and a hint of wildflower.

Indiana: Our fragrance interpretation of Indiana is a natural blend of wildflowers, cool lakes, and bright sunshine.


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