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Tim McAshlan & Linda Holder McAshlan

[Linda Holder McAshlan:] As a daughter of founder Lyle Holder, my entire life has benefited from being an integral part of its legacy. Today, as an owner, I never take for granted that the company’s contemporary success comes from the values of my father that we uphold in everything that we do.

When I think of our company, images of hands come to mind. My father was a believer in table made products made by family members and those “adopted Holders” who trained in the factory under his guidance. His hands were deeply calloused from years of working with needle and twine. Pulling and securing the edges with taut stitches without benefit of machine, his hands wore the signs of his labor. Even as a young child, when I was old enough to measure and string buttons (before the time of innertufting), I assembled the buttons and twine that he then took and deeply thrust into the mattress. We were all “hands on” regardless of age or gender. Everyone did everything. I have helped make the product, sell the product, and even deliver the product–just as every other employee of our company has done over the years. Even today, all our sales force train in the factory, giving them a unique knowledge of not only what we do but why we do it. My husband and I worked for the business in college and today we are proud to still be a part of the legacy built by my father.

My daughter, the third generation of family to manage the business, takes the legacy a step further. She, too, had a childhood filled with memories of her grandfather and the factory. Her hands proudly carried coffee cups to her grandfather and others during coffee breaks. Today, her hands steer the entire company.

My greatest hope is to carry and love this company for my entire lifetime. Few individuals ever have that gift.

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