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  1. Wife and I purchased Queen Setw/frame in 1993. At that time price was 839.95 plus tax. Now price on net is 1399.95. Eloquence Queen Set. Some years ago but so far all is well but thought might be looking again. Will have to wait because of price. But the one I have I have been very satisfied with.

  2. Sarah N. says:

    I purchased an Eloquence Ultra Firm almost 17 years ago and I love it! However it sadly is about at the end of its life, as I tend to sleep in the middle and it is starting to get worn. I am saving up to purchase a new one as soon as I can. I will never buy anything but Holder! It is a superior product to any other mattress on the market.

  3. Sharron A says:

    I bought an Eloquence queen set in 1992. It is still remarkably comfortable with no sagging whatsoever. I was turning the mattress yesterday (I try to do this at least two or three times/year) and was struck by how well the mattress has served us over the years. I can’t say when it will be necessary to replace it but if that day comes, it will certainly be with another Holder product.

    The mattress in our guest room is about 5 years old, is used infrequently, and is sagging considerably in the middle. Will be shopping for Holder for that bed soon.

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"The Ultimate in Style, Sleep and Comfort"

Similar to the Celebrity Collection, the Eloquence Collection uses denser foam which provides a firmer feel and longer lasting comfort and support. Comfortably acquainted with eloquence, we begin with the finest materials, then carefully craft them for personal preference.

Eloquence Ultra Firm
The Ultimate in Style, Sleep and Comfort
Eloquence Soft Top
The Ultimate in Style, Sleep and Comfort
Eloquence Super Soft
The Ultimate in Style, Sleep and Comfort
Eloquence Pillow Top
The Ultimate in Style, Sleep and Comfort

Product Description

Emphasis on firm, orthopedic design.

Standard Support finds its firmest feel with the Eloquence Extra Firm.

Available in the following sizes & prices:

  • Set includes Mattress & Box Spring. Mattress is Mattress only.
Twin Set (38″ x 74″) $1,199.95
Twin Mattress (38″ x 74″) $899.95
Twin XL Set (38″ x 80″) $1,299.95
Twin XL Mattress (38″ x 80″) $999.95
Full Set (53″ x 74″) $1,499.95
Full Mattress (53″ x 74″) $1,199.95
Full XL Set (53″ x 80″) $1,599.95
Full XL Mattress (53″ x 80″) $1,299.95
Queen Set (60″ x 80″) $1,599.95
Queen Mattress (60″ x 80″) $1,299.95
King Set (76″ x 80″) $1,899.95
King Mattress (76″ x 80″) $1,599.95
Cal King Set (72″ x 84″) $1,899.95
Cal King Mattress (72″ x 84″) $1,599.95
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