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  1. I called this morning and had a most satisfactory, informative chat with Christy of your Kokomo office. She advised me that my two Friends with extremely limited financial resources would be well-advised to show up early for your August 4 Tent Sale.

    Color of mattress cover or of bed inner springs aren’t an issue at all! They need support for their fragile backs in this era of incredibly high prices on anything made with foam.

    Thanks for having such a helpful, co-operative and responsive employee–Christy is truly an asset. Joey Kubesch-Peru

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"A Diamond for our 60th Anniversary"

The Diamond, part of our Heirloom Collection, was created for our 60th Anniversary. This line offers the ultimate in firm support. Featuring added lumbar support running horizontally through the middle third of the mattress, which receives the most pressure from body weight; The Diamond, as it’s name suggests, is strong and long-lasting. The firmest innerspring available, the most dense polyurethane foam and a layer of 100% natural wool come together to create our most supportive set.

Diamond Soft Top
A Diamond for our 60th Anniversary
Diamond Pillow Top
A Diamond for our 60th Anniversary

Product Description

A medium amount of cushion softens the stiff support of the center reinforced innerspring. This set is the firmest in support, without being the firmest in feel, though it is considerably firm.

Available in the following sizes & prices:

  • Set includes Mattress & Box Spring. Mattress is Mattress only.
Twin Set (38″ x 74″) $2,399.95
Twin Mattress (38″ x 74″) $1,999.95
Twin XL Set (38″ x 80″) $2,499.95
Twin XL Mattress (38″ x 80″) $2,099.95
Full Set (53″ x 74″) $2,699.95
Full Mattress (53″ x 74″) $2,299.95
Full XL Set (53″ x 80″) $2,799.95
Full XL Mattress (53″ x 80″) $2,399.95
Queen Set (60″ x 80″) $2,799.95
Queen Mattress (60″ x 80″) $2,399.95
King Set (76″ x 80″) $3,199.95
King Mattress (76″ x 80″) $2,799.95
Cal King Set (72″ x 84″) $3,199.95
Cal King Mattress (72″ x 84″) $2,799.95
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