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  1. Wendy Hunter says:

    Could you please tell me the thicknesses of each of the layers. Is the latex padding Talalay? Is the core layer Dunlop? Why kind of wool is used? How thick is the wool layer? And, is the quilted top a knitted 100% organic cotton? Is the latex 100% ALL NATURAL?

    Thank you!

    • admin says:

      The core is a 36 ILD, 6" thick natural talalay latex. There is also a 1" thick 19 ILD talalay latex on either side of the core. We do not use dunlop latex. We use a 1" 100% jama wool layer in the quilt covered by a 100% cotton ticking. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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Nature's Impressions

"Your Comfort and Support Fulfilled with Natural Latex"

For those in search of the highest quality sets containing the most natural materials. Our Luxury Collection features three distinct selections.

Give your life the perfect indulgence.

Natural Traditions
In Honor of our 50th Anniversary
Comfort of the Highest Quality
Nature’s Impressions
Your Comfort and Support Fulfilled with Natural Latex

Product Description

Our most natural mattress features a latex foam core, latex padding and a layer of wool. This set is just as supportative but contains no innerspring. The Nature’s Impressions reduces pressure on pressure points and minimizes motion transfer.  This mattress is available as a Soft Top or Ultra Soft Top.  Both offer the same benefits.  The Soft Top is firmer, featuring denser latex foam in the core and padding layers.  The Ultra Soft is much more contouring to the body for a softer, pillow like feel due to lower density latex foam.

Cozy, lushly textured.

Available in the following sizes & prices:

  • Set includes Mattress & Box Spring. Mattress is Mattress only.
Twin Set (38″ x 74″) $3,299.95
Twin Mattress (38″ x 74″) $2,899.95
Twin XL Set (38″ x 80″) $3,399.95
Twin XL Mattress (38″ x 80″) $2,999.95
Full Set (53″ x 74″) $3,599.95
Full Mattress (53″ x 74″) $3,199.95
Full XL Set (53″ x 80″) $3,799.95
Full XL Mattress (53″ x 80″) $3,399.95
Queen Set (60″ x 80″) $3,799.95
Queen Mattress (60″ x 80″) $3,399.95
King Set (76″ x 80″) $4,299.95
King Mattress (76″ x 80″) $3,899.95
Cal King Set (72″ x 84″) $4,299.95
Cal King Mattress (72″ x 84″) $3,899.95
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