Anyone who has spent much time in our showrooms probably knows this well, but we are animal lovers!  We call it FUR-niture for a reason and we fully understand that your pets’ sleeping habits affect yours.

Co-Sleeping is one way to do it, and some of you might say you have no choice, some still might say they wouldn’t choose anything else!  Sleeping with a cat or dog, mini-pig or ferret, or any other creature, however, can wreck havoc on getting your zzzs.  Keep in mind the amount of space in the bed.  You might consider upgrading in size to accommodate a pet.  If your room allows for it, considering a King (76″ by 80″)  or California King (72″ by 84″) can add some much needed space.  We would also encourage you to use a mattress protector and pillow protectors.  Critters can bring in dust mites, allergens, fleas, dander, and other things you may not want in your bed.  Using a protector not only helps keep your mattress protected from these, but it will also protect from spills, stains and accidents.  Washing your mattress and pillow protectors regularly in hot water will sanitize  them and keep your bed cleaner and improve your health.

If co-sleeping is a no-go for you, or your pets, we do have another option to consider:  Holder Mattress Pet Beds.  These beds can be placed on furniture or on the floor and feature a two-sided, quilted mattress panel (the fluffy stuff on top of the mattress).  The panels we use in the pet beds are the exact same panels we use on the mattresses we make for humans.  Because soft fur.  And wet noses.  And waggly tails.   And unconditional love.  They are non-toxic, add cushion without sink and are built to last.  We offer a 30″ by 40″ as a standard size for $50.00 and stock them in both locations.  We can also build custom sizes based on the size of your pet, or to accommodate a crate, or for any other dream you may have to facilitate the dreams of your furry friend.

Here’s a photo of Chloe, daughter of Jeff, our Carmel Assistant Manager, showing her love for the Holder Mattress Pet Bed.  She sleeps well on one every night!

Chloe on her Holder Mattress